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Writing for Success and/or Effective Business Writing is designed to improve business written communications. This writing program concentrates on the ABC's of effective business communication: Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity. This course will show you how to prevent or solve writing problems and will include easy-to-follow guidelines for writing reports, memos, letters and email. Participants will learn how to logically organize their materials and clearly express their thoughts

Among topics covered are:

  • Review of language structure.
  • Proper business communication.
  • Business writing skills.
  • Reports and email.
  • Grammar review.

Some of the writing skills that would be taught in this course include:

  • Understanding business writing.
  • Being specific.
  • Writing concisely.
  • The Writing Process.
  • The Nine Qualities of Effective Business Writing.
  • How to organize your writing.
  • Achieving an Appropriate Tone.
  • Paragraphing.
  • Page Layout.
  • Business definitions.
  • Using electronic tools.

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