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Talent Management

What distinguishes high-performing companies are not better HR processes, but a fundamental belief in the importance of talent.

Talent is the most important source of competitive advantage in the new economy, and market-leading companies are struggling to realize its potential. The first step is instilling the leadership belief we call a Talent Mindset.

Perhaps the key difference between this current emphasis on human capital and previous views is the emphasis on attracting, developing and retaining top talent. This talent mindset influences everything the company does. CEOs of such companies know that this responsibility cannot be delegated because it is the most important thing that they do.

In an interview with Bill Gates of Microsoft on "How to Exploit Innovation," Bill Gates is asked:

"You often talk about the importance of fostering innovation at Microsoft. What have you found to be the most effective ways to do this?"

He answers:

Bill Gates

"The most important thing any company can do is hire the smartest people (top-talents) possible and then give them the resources to transform their ideas into reality."

An Executive View

The following are quick signposts to check how attuned your talent management function is to where it should be.

  • Are people viewed as costs or assets in your company?
  • Who is primarily responsible for developing talent?
  • Is your human capital engaged and aligned with strategic and business priorities?
  • How extensive are your future hiring requirements?
  • Which talent functions are more advanced in your organization?
  • Which talent functions are least developed?
  • Who are your top talents?
  • Are your top talents likely to stay or leave?

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